Otogar – Istanbul / 2007 – 2008

Around the world, most people migrate to big metropolitan centers for economic reasons. Istanbul, being of them, receives the biggest migration from the Kurdish cities, form the southeast of Anatolia. For those people, who passed through a period of destruction and forced migration in massive groups over the last 30 years, Istanbul means something totally different from an economic opportunity.

This project is based on the intention of photographing Kurdish people from any age group who come to Istanbul for various reasons and their very first encounter with the city, as they just get off from the buses at Intercity Bus Station Esenler. With a white backdrop, and under skylight, I wanted to bring the body to the front, and let it tell its own story. 

The images, are gathering a people, before they are scattered and got lost in the endless metropolitan city.

I also intended, with this project, a record of the immigration history of Istanbul, thus it employs a visual anthropologic perspective as well.

The work was awarded by Istanbul Fotograf Evi &  HSBC Bank, as Best Portfolio in 2009.